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Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

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SH2500/8-255/12 Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

The continuous casting and rolling production line is one of the most mature design of our company. The most important features are : simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and excellent quality .The production line has been awarded three national patents ZL03234289.6《The Six-Wheel Continuous Casting Machine》,ZL200320114947.2《Metal Wire Rod Rolling Mill》,ZL2005 20033181.4 《One Kind of Metal Wire Rod Rolling Mill》. It is the most advanced production line and widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad.

This production line adopts six-wheel casting machine with 2330mm2 sectional area to produce Φ8mm low oxygen copper rod. The casting wheel is H type, during the pouring process, the vortex can be reduced greatly, so that the ingots internal bubble and crack also can be reduced efficiently, the ingots quality is better than the vertical pouring craft.

The cooling water comes from 4 zones (inside, outside, 2 lateral sides) of casting wheel and is divided to 9 paths, all cooling points are reasonable, so that ensure the grain structure of casting ingot is dense and well-distributed, and the quality is more excellent.

The rolling mill has 12 stands, No.1 to No. 4 stands are 2-roller type, the rest 8 stands are 3 - roller type, compression ratio from No.1 to No.6 stands has been increased greatly as well as improve the ingot grain structure effectively, in particularly cracks and bubbles can be eliminated, the quality of Φ8mm copper rod will be improved significantly, it is very easy for fine wire drawing. Equipped with hydraulic take-up, the coli is in good order and packaged, convenient for long-distance transportation. The quality of Ф8mm copper rod produced by this new type rolling mill is comparable to the SCR product.

The electric control system adopts DC main motor and advanced SIEMENS digital speed regulating device to make the speed of casting machine, rolling mill and take-up synchronized. Through PLC and human-computer interface, the system can achieve the coordinated control of main machine and auxiliary machines and display the running parameters and breakdown.

Process Flow:

The process flow is as follows:

The process flow is as follows

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