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Aluminum(Aluminum alloy)Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

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SH2500/9.5- 255/14 Aluminum(Aluminum alloy)Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

SH2500/9.5- 255/14 aluminum (aluminum alloy) rod continuous casting and rolling production line is special used for EC grade aluminum and alloy rod. This designation also

was awarded 2 patents of utility model by the National Knowledge Property Right Bureau of China. The main features are: convenient for installing and disassembling, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and excellent quality of AL (AL alloy) rod.

This production line can not only produce aluminum rod, but also can produce aluminum alloy rod only if add different alloy materials. When it produces alloy rod, the line should be equipped with some special auxiliary equipments, such as the filter and degassing device,induction furnace, etc.

The production line is composed of aluminum (aluminum alloy) melting furnace, holding furnace, stirrer, filter & degassing device, six wheel continuous casting machine, auxiliary machines, rolling mill, rod quenching & coiling device, emulsion cooling system, gear box engine oil lubrication system and electric control system.

Technical Data:

1.Ingot sectional area:2330mm2

2.Product diameter:EC rod Ф9.5mm,Ф12mm,Ф15mm

Al alloy rod Ф9.5mm

3.Production capacity:EC rod : 5-5.5t/h (Max.6t/h)

alloy rod: 3-3.5t/h

4.Rolling speed:8.17m/s

5.Rolling center height: 902mm

6.Overall dimensions of production line (l*w*h) ~ 38*7.8*5.1m(excluding melting the aluminium stove)

7.Weight of main equipments: ~86t

8.Power of main equipment: ~580kw +300kw reaction heating furnace(excluding aluminum melting furnace)

9.Compressed air volume: 5~6m3/min

10.Amount of colling water(soft water):150m3/h

11.Amount of emulsion: 170m3/h

12.Amount of lubrication oil: 18m3/h

Process flow:

Process flow

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