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At present, many countries in the world rely on copper scrap regeneration to meet domestic demand at a large extent, and the recovery and utilization of scrap copper has an important meaning, which makes the copper metal resources expanded, whereas, the copper scrap should be purified by refining furnaces.

The widely used refining furnaces are: stationary reverberatory furnace, tilting refining furnace and NGL furnace. The principle and process for the 3 furnaces almost the same, but also have their own characteristics, Chengdu Shuhong will design and manufacture according to the different needs of customers.

Stationary Reverberatory Furnace:

1.According to capacity:15T-100T

2.Sample structure, lower cost, strong adaptability of raw materials

3.Fuel type optional: NG/LPG/LDO/FO/COAL GAS

4.Simple operation, Widely used

Tilting Refining Furnace:

1.Super adaptability for raw materials, both solid and molten material can be used

2.Easily charging, evenly material distributed, fast melting speed

3.Reasonable furnace chamber with tilting mechanism, better heat transfer effect and use ratio.

4.High degree of mechanization, compressed air for oxidization, NG for de-oxidation

5.Reasonable tilt angle is good for Oxidation air spread in the molten, high degree of oxidation

6.Effectively reduce black smoke pollution rates

7.Copper molten outlet is flexible equipped with casting machine

8.High degree of automation, easily and safety for operation and maintenance

NGL furnace:

The NGL furnace is developed on the basis of tilting furnace and rotary anode furnace. At side of the furnace, there are 2 doors for charging and drossing, another side has oxidation and de-oxidation position and air brick, the furnace can be tilting within a proper angle. At present, the capacity of NGL furnace can be from 100T to 270T, it is suitable for processing high grade Molten crude copper.

1.Convenient for charging and slag removing.

2.High thermal efficiency.


4.Environmentally friendly

5.High degree of automation



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