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Copper Shaft Furnace and Premixed Gas Combustion System

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Chengdu Shuhong Machinery Corp.,Ltd is a group of highly creation and innovation, with years of rich experience in wire and cable industry services, we have designed and manufactured copper cathode shaft melting furnace equipped with continuous casting and rolling production line, it is the most advanced technology for low oxygen copper rod. However, compare to the International competitors, the significant advantages are: all main components are self-processing, easily to control the machining precision and quality; the controlling components and system adopts domestic and import famous brand, controlling and maintenance are easier; delivery time , installation and commissioning time is shorter, after-sales service speed is fast; production energy consumption and production cost are very low, the copper rod quality is outstanding; Cost recovery period of equipment invested is shorter, it is the preferred equipments of copper industrial at home and abroad.

The characteristics of shaft furnace:

1.Melting Furnace Productivity: Shaft Melting Furnace capacity : 8-50t/h

Holding furnace capacity: 7-25 t

Fuel: NG/LPG

2.High heat release every unit volume

3.High thermal efficiency, up to 60%;

Gas consumption: 40 ~ 45M3 / ton

4.Simple and advanced premixed system, automated control of the air-fuel ratio, CO detection

5.Start and shutdown is rapidly

6.Continuous melting, melting rate is adjustable; no molten metal pool

7.Skip cart loader and cathode split device

8.Limit the molten over-heating, excellent metallurgical control

9.Flexible to handle a wide variety of charge material

10.Simple design and operation,less operator

11.Continuing Shuhong research and development


1.Shaft furnace and charging system, up and down launder, slag vessel, holding furnace and hydraulic system

2.Premixed combustion and controlling system of shaft furnace, holding furnace, launders, multistage high pressure blower system, on-line automatic sampling (controlled by PLC), and CO continuous automatic detecting system.



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