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13 2017-10

Director of the District Market and Quality Supervision Bureau, Mr. Li and his party visited the company for inspection

On October 12, 2017, Li Jie, the Marketing and Quality Supervision Administration of Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu, led the quality supervision department and Datong Institute to inspect and guide the company. After a visit to the company, Director Li went to the workshop to inspect the special equipment. The company also guided the company on measurement supervision and management, certification activity supervision, standardization management, credit classification and network transaction supervision, and credit information system construction.
13 2017-10

The deputy secretary of the Qingbaijiang District Party Committee and the district head Chi Yong led the team to visit the company.

On October 13, the deputy secretary of the district party committee and the district government district chief Chi Yong led a team to Chengdu Yuhong Equipment Co., Ltd. to conduct on-the-spot investigation. After the party leader and his party arrived at the company, accompanied by the chairman and general manager Huang Hechang, they inspected the company's production site and went to the technical center to express condolences to the designers. Subsequently, the chairman and general manager of the 8th floor conference room of the company reported to the district head of the company about the company's operation, development planning and some difficulties encountered. Mr. Chi Yong affirmed the company's contribution to the development of Qingbaijiang District, encouraged the company to firmly develop its beliefs and promote the company to become bigger and stronger. At the same time, it also required relevant departments at the district level to further strengthen services and create a pro-business-oriented society. The atmosphere helps the company solve the difficulties in the development process. The district government office, the District Science and Technology Bureau, and the main person in charge of the Hong Kong Management Committee accompanied the investigation.
11 2017-10

Li Wei, deputy magistrate of Changning County, Yibin visited the company

On October 11, 2017, Li Wei, deputy county magistrate of Yibin County, visited the company for exchange and inspection. Chairman and general manager Huang Hechang led the company's relevant person in charge to exchange, and Li County's investment environment, policy and industrial development for Changning. After the introduction, the company's chairman and general manager Huang Hechang introduced the development history, main business and development strategy of Chengdu Yuhong Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and timely investigated the relevant departments of the company to Changning.
26 2016-10

District Supervisory Office came to our company to supervise key construction projects

On October 26, 2016, Director Li of the District Supervisory Office led the District Development and Reform Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Planning Bureau, and the Industrial Management Committee to supervise the key construction projects. After visiting the company, Director Li and his team reviewed the key construction projects of our company by watching the scene, listening to reports, and checking data. Director Li said in the inspection that Chengdu Yuhong Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to key construction. The project hopes to continue to promote the construction of key projects and innovate working methods in the future work, and see the benefits as soon as possible.
24 2016-10

Congratulations to our technical center for being recognized as a provincial technology center

According to the spirit of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission's "Notice on Promulgating the List of Sichuan Enterprise Technology Centers" (Chuan Jing Xin Technology (2016) No. 285), according to the "Administrative Measures for Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center", the assessment The evaluation, expert review and joint validation procedures, our company was rated as the 20th batch of provincial-certified enterprise technology centers.
22 2016-10

Implementing the national “Belt and Road” strategy, how can enterprises go out of the country and exchange symposiums

On October 21st, 2016, the “Implementation of the National “One Belt, One Road” Strategy, How Enterprises Hold the Group and Go Out of the Country” was held by the company. The symposium was successfully held in the 8th floor and 8th conference room of the Qingbaijiang District Administrative Service Center. The meeting was organized by the District Commercial Investment Bureau. Leader Hu Xiaohui presided over, AU Chairman Assistant Roger Bonge, Cameroon economic expert Thomas Moffo, Cameroon National Mining Corporation Chairman Cai Guogang, Industrial Management Committee leader Yue Xiaodong, company chairman Huang Hechang, and Zhongxiao (Chengdu) Investment Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Wang Kejin attended At the symposium, the leaders of the district and port management committee, the Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, the Logistics Office, and other responsible persons of more than 40 enterprises such as the heavy truck ace.
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